Thursday, December 10, 2015

My head is a rocket


        I have really liked this rocket project because I got to launch a rocket that me and my partner built. The mistake that I did on this project was that I was leaving my partner to work by himself and that was wrong because he needed my help on this project. I admit that I was talking to my friends. I solved the problem by apologizing to him and telling him to take a break on the project for a couple days and to let me finish the rocket he was so happy and he said thx. I learned that it is very wrong to leave your partner to do all the work without your help. My mistake was that I left my partner to do the project by himself in the beginning, I learned that It is wrong to leave your partner alone to do it by themselves because it is also my grade, I grow by helping my partner to finish the project and I grow by learning that doing something like that is wrong.         

Friday, November 20, 2015

Trouble on graphs

      In this most recent project my partner. Being his partner has been very hard to deal with. Sometimes he does not let me accomplish good work when I am around him because he always thinks that he is right and he is very stab urn. I have tried to help him to calm down and to listen to me but he really doesn't care. I have learned not to argue with my partners and to listen to what they have because my grade also depends on his. I have worked on trying to include his ideas in the project. I improved by going to ask a teacher to help us resolve this problem, that helped because after we finished the project and that was good. My mistake was that I did not have patient with my partner, I learned that I have to patient, and I grow by finishing the project and having patients for my partner. 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Mind blowing

Lately there has been some work that I don't understand at all for Math and physics like all these equation that are mixed with numbers and gas or something. My my mistake is that I just don't do my work if I don't get it, I  will grow by going to ask the teacher for help when I need it. I just get confused, I don't do my work because I am embarrassed to ask a question I front of the whole class. So I don't ask and that is why I am getting behind. So from know on I will ask both you and Brian for help when I need it because if I don't I will keep getting behind. So I will ask for help in person not In front of the whole class.    

Getting behind

I so far really like how math is going, how we get the chance to play the bank game and other great stuff. But I am getting behind on work, the reason is because we have so much freedom in class so sometimes I just start talking to friends. I think If you were to tell us more about our grades or try to get everyone on task then we would all appreciate that.  I am slowly turning in late assignments to get my grades up to a great level. From know on if I need help with something I will come to talk to you about my problems so we can solve them. My mistakes are that I talk to friends in class and that gets me behind, I learned that If I get behind because of talking in class I will get behind.    

Friday, October 2, 2015

Grades and water polo

Math Blog 2

   In order to play sports in high school you must keep a good average grade. At one point my grade went down so Ms. Rachel talked to me and said that I couldn't could not play water polo until I get my grade back up. So right now I am working on finishing my blogs for math because that is the grade that is affecting my participation in not playing water polo. I learned that I most keep my grades up in order to play sports and that will also help motivate me on getting good grades.

Crazy day at school

Math blog 1

  Today in math class we worked on converting regular numbers into scientific notation equations. I had a lot of trouble staying focused because I had no idea on how to solve any of the equations. So I started to talk to friends, that got me very distracted. So I then asked Mr. Adam to help me and he did he told me that I need to count the numbers from the first to the last by using the bunny hop methund. That really helped me because after he told me that I rushed to finish all the questions but to be honest I didn't finish all the problems.